I think I’ll let them stay dirty.

You’d think I’d be finished unpacking by now. We’ve been home from Bolivia for almost a week and mostly I have put things away. But my boots. They were new when we left, now they are worn and straight out of my suitcase, covered in Bolivian dirt. I tossed them in the corner of the bathroom to be cleaned.

This afternoon, I reached for a wet cloth, hesitated for a second then decided the dirt needs to stay. I probably won’t wear those boots again until winter and I’m sure by then, I’ll need to be reminded of God’s assignment to my family last week. Where we have been. The roads we walked. The homes we entered. The work being done by World Vision so very far away.

I still can’t understand why God sent us. To Bolivia. All I know is that He did. I am small and the need is so great, why didn’t He send someone bigger? Someone with connections. Someone who has more clout. Or politicial influence. An economic advisor, perhaps. An industrialist or an international figure. But a mom with her husband and four kids? God. He is mysterious.

The dirt on my boots reminds me I am forever responsible for what I have seen and where my boots have walked. I belong to the family of God and He made a very big deal of taking us to meet more of His family. Today, I don’t yet know all this new assignment means, I only know I cannot close my eyes. Or forget.

Every night this week, I have laid on my bed and thought of our sponsored children, Eric and Miriam and Rosario and Ashelin. I know they are happy in their beds, snuggled beside their sisters and brothers. Topped with mountains of blankets. But God took us to their homes so we could understand how much they need us. And how many others there are with great need.

Without hesitation and with great urgency, I ask you to help the children in Bolivia. I can ask boldly because I walked in those boots down their roads. Having now seen, I’ve just got to tell you with these words. Or stand on something and shout. Loudly.

You can help World Vision care for the needs in Bolivia by sponsoring a child. The link to sponsor is at the right of this post.