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  1. Sonny Coane May 28, 2018 at 8:12 am - Reply

    Dear Angela,

    Saw you dad in Sunday Schooll yesterday and talked with him at Crackee Barrel the other night. As always, I tell him where I am at in your book “Choosing Joy”. I wear him out telling him what he already knows. You are such a wonderful writer and I wear Annette out too, thanking her for giving me a copy of your book. I’m beginnng week 32 today (for the third time). Last week was one of many which was written just for me. I am battling with bitterness about the loss of my precious wife.

    Thank you for the work which you are doing for so many as you are inspired by God. Thank you for helping me.

    By the way, your Dad is a GREAT guy!!!

    Sonny Coane

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