For three days we have been visiting the work of World Vision in communities outside the town of Oruro. We have been welcomed with a lavish and generous hospitality. It’s such a privilege to see with our eyes what is being done to benefit the people who live here. The needs are great, but that’s why we’re here. To see, so we can tell others. To feel, so we will remember always. To fall in love, so we will go home resolved to defend and support and care for the ones now call family.

Maybe it would be easier to show you . . .

We are filming the whole trip so everyone can see and hopefully join us in sponsoring World Vision children here in Bolivia and around the world.

All our family is here. I believe God’s purpose in bringing the children will be greater than any work I could ever do. They will hold these days in their hearts forever and be changed.

The Bolivian people are both beautiful and delightful.

We are blessed beyond words to give and receive so much love.

A carrot washing machine invented by the people trained through World Vision. It has increased their productivity from 30 bags a day to 150.

Sitting to visit at a family home.

Scott speaking to a World Vision community through our interpreter, Andrea.

William and Grayson speak the universal language . . . soccer!