Well, oh my.

A few days ago, I had the great idea to change my website to a blogging-type site. It was going to be quick and easy so I just did it myself. On my iPad. On the airplane. Then driving through the mountains yesterday. Sometime around midnight, I pushed a button and there was no turning back. Now I think I may have blown up everything my office has worked on for two years. Sorry everybody!

But at least, maybe, oh I certainly hope so . . . we’re rollin. A blog. And eventually, a website with all the regular things.

Please bear with us as we learn how to configure widgets and plugins. If you need anything, please call Carla at the office: 336-299-8967. You can also send her an email, carla@angelathomas.com.

The main reason I wanted to have a blog right this minute is that my whole family is leaving on Monday, traveling with World Vision to Bolivia. And I wanted to take you all with me.

For now, I’m off to errands. We have not packed one thing. Really. And it’s winter in Bolivia . . . at 13,000 feet . . . with snow showers forecast the day after we get there. Gotta find the gloves!

I love you all.