People change, you know.

I have never been interested in gardening. Too busy. Too many people in my house for flower growing. Too little time. All these homeowner years, I have only maintained my flowerbeds by plopping some annual color in the ground that faithfully turned brown by mid-July.

Then something happened a while back. I decided that I really like roses.

Everyone said, “Don’t think about roses, they’re too hard.” But. But. But. But my heart had changed it’s mind. Roses had become beautiful to me, something like the sweet, simple, complex, grandeur of God in a flower. I wanted to try, just one time, to grow a something beautiful, so I planted roses.

Actually, I bought roses (the kind that were half-dead, on sale, at the back of Walmart so if they died I had only wasted five bucks), read about pruning and feeding, then stood smiling while Scott dug a hole in the ground where we planted all my rose-growing hope.

Here is what I found in my backyard this morning . . . mid-July.

I have a feeling the months of this rose lesson is intended for something deeper inside of me. People can change. What has long gone unnoticed can finally, one day, be seen. Appreciated. Loved.

I am changing. And I hear the Lord whisper . . . Open your eyes wider. You’ve missed so much. I have greater things to show you.

Are you changing too?