Yesterday was a great travel day for all of us. Greensboro to Miami. Miami to Lima. Then Lima to Bolivia after midnight . . . oh, and that’s where it stopped being great for Taylor.

We landed in Bolivia and she turned green from the altitude. Really green. Bless her, she eventually walked off the plane and we stood with her, heads dizzy, trying to laugh while we wondered how this altitude was going to get to us. Lee said it feels like something is pulling you down to the ground. I think that is a good description of what it feels like for me.

We arrived to our hotel around 2am. Slept about 6 really good hours and now we are going down to meet the World Vision National Office team.

This morning, I’m happy to report that we’re all just a little achy and dizzy. Taylor still seems to be the one suffering the most symptoms, but she’s improving! So here we go.